About Us

About Us

About GreenLyne

We don’t shy away from the hard problems that frustrate homeownership. 

We’ve pioneered groundbreaking Responsible AI and Fair Lending algorithms that have changed the industry.

We did it by assembling world-class mathematicians, computer scientists, mortgage specialists, Fair Lending experts, and community advocates to a common cause.

We’re here to help lenders power $1 trillion of mortgages to underserved first-time homebuyers by 2030.

We’ve been at it for over 10 years. 

And we won’t stop until we’ve discovered every way to make inclusive housing finance work for every mortgage-ready household.

Advanced fair lending algorithm

We use advanced fair lending algorithm innovations coupled with the availability of household cash-flow data to faithfully predict the full credit strength of credit-invisible and thin-credit homeowners.

Mortgage lifecycle

GreenLyne’s unique technology is embedded in the bookends of the mortgage lifecycle: At the top of the lifecycle where the pipeline of mortgage-ready households are proactively identified, and at the bottom of the lifecycle where borrowers are approved with a personally optimized combination of the right loan size price, and LTV.​

Pre-Look (APL) technology

We deliver impact at the top of the mortgage lifecycle at massive scale with our breakthrough Automated Pre-Look (APL) technology, reviewing and proactively identifying mortgage-ready customers that are already engaged with our partner banks.

Automated Second Look (ASL) technology

At the bottom of the lifecycle GreenLyne deploys groundbreaking Automated Second Look (ASL) technology, predicting the loan configuration sweet spot that mitigates risk and helps prospective homebuyers meet their goals.

Fair loan configuration

The advent of ASL technology sends a strong signal to the underserved and sidelined homebuyers at the top of the funnel that they will finally receive a personalized, fair and exhaustive look to pinpoint a loan configuration that will work for them.​

Research & Development

5 Years of Research & Development in creating new AI algorithms that can unveil the long-hidden credit-strength of underserved borrowers and pinpoint the precise loan terms that ensure the safeness and soundness of each loan make APL and ASL possible. 

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Value consulting with an execution-oriented approach

GreenLyne’s Automated Pre-Look and Automated Second-Look Products uplifts the mortgage industry to a much more equitable, safe, sound and profitable position:​

Why should you hire Zedello's services?

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Our Business Team

Ana Kertzmann
Chief Executive
Kenny Nicolas
Deputy Consultant

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